The Dynamic Studio: Book Review

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I am a firm believer that piano lessons were never meant to be boring!! Love this book!

About The Book

How to keep students, dazzle parents, and build the music studio everyone wants to get into.
Practice Revolution author Philip Johnston looks at 93 different elements of traditional music teaching that are desperately in need of an update for today's students.
From motivation systems to resourcing, repertoire selection to the practice treadmill, unconventional scheduling to simply how to make a studio more fun, The Dynamic Studio is another explosion of ideas from the world’s best-known writer on music teaching.

"In most of the ways that count for anything, they're actually from the same planet."
"This disjuncture  between what our training has prepared us for and who we are actually working with has very real consequences for music teachers individually and the profession as a whole.

My Review

It's a different day! As we recognize the times they are a changin'... So is our fresh approach to piano teaching! The author captures the vision perfectly here! Get a breakthrough on the old, static way we do things to springing forward to having a dynamic studio. When this goal grabs ahold of you, engaging students will become the main focus here. My favorite line in the book, "It's your studio; you decide what happens." You'll come away with a feeling of being recharged as you change things around in your studio. Get the book. It doesn't disappoint! Your passion for teaching will continue to soar and your teacher-student relationships will grow successfully in helping them to enjoy all kinds of music their entire lives! I found The Dynamic Studio to be a positive, refreshing change for piano teachers!

5/5 stars! Highly recommend!

For more information, visit Philip Johnston's website,

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Doesn't feel like Fall here in SoCal. temps have soared to 100!!

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Corn Salad & Chili Rellenos

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