God is for the Alcoholic: Review

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" I discovered this for myself at the conclusion of a two-year drunk when I picked up a Bible in a Texas prison more than sixteen years ago. I have seen it proved over and over again in the lives of men and women in every stratum of our society. There is hope for the alcoholic and his bewildered, suffering family." -- Jerry Dunn
These are the words of the author. From years of practical experience, Jerry Dunn outlines the course - and the cure. The road up from the abyss may be long and difficult, but it is there, plainly marked and simple to follow. God provides the way of escape. God Is for the Alcoholic points the way. 

God is for the Alcoholic

My Thoughts

There are three parts to the book, with 5-6 chapters under each segment. It can be somewhat of a painful journey but along the way, I think you'll discover some points to ponder that will give you that 'Ah-hah' moment...

Part 1

  • Understanding Alcoholism
Part 11

  • Five Ways To Help The Alcoholic

Part 111

  • Five Ways The Alcoholic Can Help Himself
I think it is the best book on the market for personal information to help you understand the many complexities of friends and family members who suffer deeply from addictions, especially alcohol. It is raw and truthful, insightful and hopeful. I highly recommend it. 5/5 stars!

It is interesting to note that history reveals that sixteen civilizations have fallen because of drunkenness.

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