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On my bookshelf, you'll find 2 copies of Streams in the Desert. The 1997 edition, Streams in the Desert (edited by James Reiman and I have an old hardcover version that is copyrighted, 1925. The book is written by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman.

The book is about private devotional reading for the family. It's been the best-selling daily devotional book for more than fifty years.

Streams in the Desert offers...

  • 365 inspired meditations of encouragement
  • Practical directives for inner peace and certainty
  • A tried formula for successful living

"As he read the letter, his face was the face of a victor. No, mamma, didn't I tell you?" came from the depths of a heart that never doubted, that, "against hope, believed in hope" that the stamp album would come. While he was trusting, grandma was working, and in due season faith became sight."
What I love the most about this beautiful devotional is the dedication. I want to share it with you now...

Dedication to the Updated Edition

To Aaron, my second-born son. You have endured a great deal this past year: a sudden brain aneurysm and massive hemorrhage, surgery, and an on-going recovery period. Yet through it all, you have been a joy to all of us who love you and evidence of God's loving protection. You have not complained but have been a living example of the Spirit of God having His perfect way in the heart of a child of His. May the Lord continue to use your life as a testimony to others of Christ's enduring power and grace.

Sometimes the Lord's way is hard,Leading through many stresses and storms;But Satan's harsh touch is barred,And God's character He surely forms.
Though you nearly tasted death,You've learned how God sovereignly spares;He renewed your life and breath,Displaying how graciously He cares.
Yet today still unrevealed,He has made for you a perfect plan;Just follow the path He's willed,And you'll soon become a godly man. -- James Reimann
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