Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul: Review

Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul: LadyD Books

About The Book

This shining collection brings you inspiration and comfort in special chapters on marriage, motherhood, aging, bridging the generations, attitude, self-esteem and higher wisdom. Stories honor the strength and reveal the beauty of the feminine spirit. Included are incredible stories from Oprah Winfrey, Leo Buscaglia, Linda Ellerbee, Robert Fulghum, Kathie Lee Gifford and many others.

Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

Book Contents

  1. On Love
  2. On Attitude and Self-Esteem
  3. Overcoming Obstacles
  4. On Marriage
  5. On Motherhood
  6. Special Moments
  7. Live your Dream
  8. On Aging
  9. Higher Wisdom
  10. Across The Generations

My Review

You'll find excerpts from Leo Buscaglia, Oprah Winfrey, Kathie Lee Gifford, Maya Angelou, and Dolly Parton to name a few. For example, Leo talks about his mother being the heart of the home and cooking her Italian Minestrone Soup. So very touching. Oprah encourages and exhorts us to 'be the kind of woman who in the face of adversity will continue to embrace life and walk fearlessly toward the challenge. Kathie Lee's story of Stacey Nasalroad will move you to tears, while Dolly's memory of singing on the Opry will cause your own self to believe in your dreams! This is a beautiful, inspiring book so excellent for gift giving.

5/5 stars. Recommend.

Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

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