Back To School Book (Billy Has A Birthday)

I found this cool Kindle Book for my grandson to read. He's heading back to school right after Labor Day. Have most of your children began a new school year in your area? Well, the subject matter of this quick read is close to everyone's heart, I think because love protects. This is a good one! Of course, not just for the first day of school but each and every day!

About The Book

Bullying is an issue in many children’s lives. This book will help to make your child bully-proof.

Billy Field celebrates his tenth birthday with his school friends, but Eddy Jost is upset at not being invited to the party. When Billy receives a special present from his granddad Eddy finds out, and wants it for himself. Using bullying tactics Eddy takes the present, leaving Billy devastated. And worse, Billy feels he has to keep his loss a secret from his parents and granddad. 
Max Turner, Billy’s best friend's sister, wants to help Billy, and she tells Billy's granddad. Max and Granddad hatch a plan to recover the present. 
What is Max’s plan? Does the bully get what's coming to him? Will Billy get his present back?

Billy Has A Birthday is the first title in the Billy Books series. Each book addresses a unique topic—bullying, arrogant pride, jealousy, lying, stealing, lack of self-belief, understanding money, and secrets. Written to help parents, guardians and teachers deal with the issues that challenge pre-teen children, each topic is presented in a gentle way through storytelling. Setting the issues in a meaningful context helps children to understand the challenges, and to see things from a different perspective. The books act as ice-breakers allowing for discussions on difficult subjects. Additionally, each title is supported by a free activity book to reinforce the learning, while having fun.

Buying this book today will support your child in the battle against bullying; a destructive and unpleasant behavior.

Billy Has A Birthday: Bullying (Billy Growing Up Book 1)

First Line

"Oh boy, turning ten years old, on the tenth day of the tenth month must be magical."
Book Review

A perfect combo, a boy turning ten and his loving golden retriever celebrate the day. Right away you are introduced to Billy's family and friends. The birthday party begins with the arrival of six boys, one girl, and The Great Magisco (Billy's Granddad). You'll love the author's word crafting here, filled with fun, descriptive action words. The story moves at a great pace with Eddy the bully entering the scene. He steals Billy's birthday money from his granddad. Get the book to learn how the children plan to get the money back! Great lessons on dealing with bullies and the illustrations are excellent!

I enjoyed the book and recommend to family and friends. Bullying, stealing and threatening behavior cannot be allowed.

5/5 stars!

Billy Has A Birthday: Bullying (Billy Growing Up Book 1)

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