Book Review: When Do I Love You?

Book Review: When Do I Love You?

I was delighted to receive this complimentary book from BookLook Bloggers! I plan to give it away at a baby shower because it's that good and must be shared! The illustrations are fantastic! My favorite line...

When do I love you, little mouse? When we're cozy in a tree house! But what if you want to stay there all night? I'll camp with you to make sure you're all right.

Book Description

When do I love you, little lizard?
Would I love you in a blizzard?
Even if the snow reaches up to your eyes,
I will be here, standing right by your side.
Remind your little one of your unending love with the playful rhymes of When Do I Love You? a silly and charming board book that will make you laugh as it warms your heart.
With super silly pictures of lizards in blizzards, goats in boats, and ducks in trucks, When Do I Love You? maintains a classic emotive tone that parents will love. The perfect gift for baby showers, birthday parties, or as an extra special "just because!" gift, this sweet book will be a favorite in your family for years to come.

When Do I Love You?
Book Review

Children will enjoy holding the durable board book that is just the right size for them. The artwork on the front cover will draw them in, for sure. It's that warm and inviting! A little bear, lizard, kitty, mouse, moose, dog, raccoon, and goat, that you find in the most unlikely places, will captivate their attention. Little ones will be so engaged while pointing to the pint-size pictures and the contrasting ones of the larger animal families. The concept of parents love that will never end is brilliantly communicated through playful rhymes. It is a strong heartfelt message that is so vital in today's world. It's super silly photos balanced with a sweet message of love and security is a total winner. Get the book. It's a real treasure.

5/5 stars! Highly recommend!

When Do I Love You?

This book was sent to me free of charge from the publisher for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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