Review: FlexClip Video Maker

FlexClip is a simple but powerful video maker that helps you create videos for any use in minutes. Some of its key features:

* Completely free.
* Easy to use and clean storyboard.
* Support many photo and video formats.
* Flexible editing features like trim, split, add text(animations), music, watermark, etc.
* Export videos with high resolutions.

I am new at creating my own personal videos. I have lots of photos of flowers, gardens and especially snapshots of a beautiful sunrise. So I thought I would experiment with a free video maker called FlexClip. I am learning a lot. So far, it's easy to use with many editing features available to make your final video a success. With my upcoming piano recital, I look forward to creating many more videos to highlight many piano students in my studio. Give it a try. With your creative talents, a video maker is perfect in reaching your goals towards showing the world your story through a powerful video maker!

5/5 stars! Recommend!

Try it out:

I am grateful for the opportunity through PearlMountain Limited to experience video making!

Lady D

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