Bear Feels Scared- Karma Wilson

Karma Wilson

Have you heard of Karma Wilson?

She is the author of many adorable children's books, such as Bear Books, Pip Books, Calico, Mama Always Comes Home and so many others! Meet Karma:

Karma Wilson
For more information about Karma, please visit her wonderful website:

As an added bonus, you'll love these extra fun activities"

My cousin in Kansas, an artist, collects bear statues. I was with him when he purchased a mama bear carving in Utah. Anyway, feast your eyes on these books that are perfect for my 2 Grandsons:

Shelly b, Write for a reader, has posted a giveaway on her site. You will definitely want to run over there and have a peek at Bears Feel Scared...

Bear is out looking for a snack, but when the sun sets he loses his way. How bear wants to go home! But where is his cozy cave? Bear searches and searches and as the skies grow dark, Bear feels scared! But the bear is never alone, and his resourceful friends put together a search party to find their missing companion. A tale about friendship and feelings, this story will be sure to resonate strongly with children.

A winning book I look forwarded to reading about friendships and feelings will be
Bears Feel Scared! Good luck to all those who enter Shelly's giveaway!

Best Wishes,
~ LadyD

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