Book Review- She Still Calls Me Daddy: Building A New Relationship with Your Daughter after You Walk Her Down the Aisle

She Still Calls Me Daddy
She Still Calls Me Daddy: Building A New Relationship with Your Daughter after You Walk Her Down the Aisle is written by Robert Wolgemuth.


Yesterday my husband and I attended our friends' 50th-anniversary party. We witnessed 4 generations of Bridal gowns worn in the family... oh so lovely and each one is sewn with such grand detail. There was such joy on the couples face as they renewed their vows. The crowd mostly comprised of family, grandchildren, friends and a few musicians all unanimously agreed it was a special time, yet quite rare these days to witness 2 people who have stayed married for such a long time... 50 years!
After participating in all the wondrous events, I came home and settled down to finish reading a wonderful book sent to me for review from Thomas Nelson. Thank you, thank you! Some very important and truly sensitive issues are discussed from the author's perspective of "letting go". Robert Wolgemuth brilliantly writes from his heart and shares with his audience about his own memories with his daughters growing into woman hood and then leaving to cleave to their new husbands.
Have the roles between father and daughter, mother and daughter changed as they draw closer to the wedding day? And now add a new son in law into the equation. What comes next? Will there be a manual or guide book that will give Dad's logical steps with new insights to face through these role changing events?

Yes, I believe you will find great treasures written here in Robert's great book, She still Calls Me Daddy. I give this book 5+ stars. It will warm your heart, you'll get a chuckle or two and yes, your eyes will fill with tears for a moment because you can relate to the family discussions on relationships.

What I like most about the book is the approach from the beginning. Chapter One "Saying Goodbye" starts with a quote from Meredith Willson, The Music Man, "WHERE IS THE GOOD IN GOODBYE? And then to conclude with "The big idea of this book is to make sure that you and I know - for certain - that we're the recipients of the Gift that changes everything. The book is all about a Father's Love for His daughter!

This special book was an appropriate book for me to talk about with you on Father's Day... a Father's heart of love for his daughter. It was an honor and a pleasure to read this well-written book, spoken from the heart! I highly recommend you purchase She Still Calls Me Daddy. It's not by chance that God puts son-in-laws into your life and that your role of dad is forever changed on that day that you say: "Her Mother and I."

She Still Calls Me Daddy

Happy Father's Day!
~ LadyD

She Still Calls Me Daddy: Building a New Relationship with Your Daughter After You Walk Her Down the Aisle

* Product Description:

A memorable guidebook for fathers to help them create a new adventure with their married daughters.
Standing at the altar giving their little girl away begins a new day and the need for a new way for fathers to relate to their daughters. Robert Wolgemuth, the author of the best-selling She Calls Me Daddy, reminds fathers of the important role they still play while offering insight as to how it must change in the next chapter of their girls' lives.

Topics cover seven relational issues:

* Protection
* Conversation
* Affection
* Discipline
* Laughter
* Faith
* Conduct

Includes thoughts on an ongoing relationship as well as on becoming a granddaddy. Discussion questions provide a great opportunity for personal or group study.

She Still Calls Me Daddy

 Product Details

Hardcover: 224 pages
Publisher: Thomas Nelson (May 5, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0785221700
ISBN-13: 978-0785221708

About the Author

Robert Wolgemuth

Dr. Robert Wolgemuth is the owner of Wolgemuth & Associates, Inc., a literary agency exclusively representing more than fifty authors. A speaker and best-selling author, his nineteen books include: She Calls Me Daddy, Just Daddy and Me, The Most Important Year in a Man’s Life, and the notes to Dad's Bible.
Robert served two terms as Evangelical Christian Publishers Association chairman, has been a frequent guest on radio, and is a speaker and consulting resource for corporate groups. He is known as a champion for the family, effective communication, leadership, and biblical truth.
A 1969 graduate of Taylor University and the recipient of an honorary doctorate from the same institution in 2005, Dr. Wolgemuth is the father of two grown daughters, two sons-in-law, and five grandchildren. He and Bobbie, his wife of almost forty years, live in Central Florida where Robert is an elder and Sunday school teacher at the First Presbyterian Church.

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Happy Reading!

-- LadyD

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