The Book Lady- Delighted with Dolly!

The Book Lady - Delighted with Dolly!

I was delighted to hear that "The Book Lady", Dolly Parton has written a new children's book, I Am a Rainbow. I am familiar with Dolly's excellent reading program 'Imagination Library'. In fact, the book train stops by a near location to help children with literacy. This great program started with a vision from a very fine lady over thirteen years ago. I look forward to reading Dolly's new book!

I Am a Rainbow

"The book, which Parton says is for children of all ages, describes how colors can be used to explain emotions children might have." Find more of Beth Rucker's review,

In this image released by Dollywood, Dolly Parton prepares to read her new book, "I Am a Rainbow," to children gathered for a performance at Parton's Dollywood theme park on Friday, June 12, 2009. (AP Photo/Dollywood, Patrick Murphy-Racey)

Are you familiar with Imagination Library? I am passionate about promoting a reader. I have 2 Grandsons who are always being read to. Reading is the key to learning! The program Dolly started benefits children under 5... Is there a location near you? Visit Dolly's delightful and very colorful website:

The aim of the program is to instill an early love of reading and learning in children before they begin school. Early childhood education experts say that one of the main reasons that preschoolers are not read to is that there are no age-appropriate books in the house. Here's more information about Dolly's library by KARYN MORAN HOLTON:

"In order to give children access to books, the Imagination Library mails each enrolled child a new hardcover book every month, until the child reaches age 5. The first book the child receives is the classic "The Little Engine that Could." According to the note in the specially printed edition of the book, Dolly Parton hopes "you love these books and enjoy the precious moments that they will create."

Congratulations Dolly!

-- LadyD

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