Children's Story: The I Believe Bunny Review

The I Believe Bunny
Thank you, Thomas Nelson, for sending me "I Believe Bunny" by Tish Rabe. What a delightful new series that teaches children how to put their faith into action. I absolutely love this book! In my opinion, it is one of the best well-written and illustrated picture books... so adorable and inspirational. I would say the book is for ages 4-8 but toddlers will enjoy it, too. Well, to be honest with you, I did read it to my husband and we both agreed that this book is a winner. As Grandparents, we're looking forward to reading more books by Tish to our Grandchildren!

* Book Description

Children will identify with Bunny and learn along with him that God is always there to help. Prayer works! Little Mouse is in trouble and Bunny is the only one nearby to help her. But, Bunny is too small. He has to set aside his own fear and trust in God. By putting his faith into action, Bunny is able to help Little Mouse and save the day.

Not only does this precious book teach the importance of calling on God for our every need, it helps children remember to be thankful for God's work in their lives.

This book first starts with a quote from scripture, one of my favorites, Philippians 4:13 "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." Then we are introduced to the main character Bunny who is so thankful to live in a flower-filled glen. Like so many of us, he wishes it would stop raining, he says, "I think that's enough!"

The I Believe Bunny is an easy read due to the author's gift of rhyme. What an excellent example of rhyme found in this wonderful picture book.

* Meet Tish Rabe

Tish Rabe is a children’s book author who has written over 80 children’s books including titles for Sesame Street, Blue’s Clue’s, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Bear in the Big Blue House and Curious George. In 1996, she began writing The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library, a new series of non-fiction science books for early readers.

* Visit her website for more information:

* I love Tish Rabe! Why? See for yourself!
As you know, I am passionate about reading and passionate about music education.

Tish Rabe reading to elementary school children to get them excited about reading and writing.

* Meet Frank Endersby, the illustrator

Frank Endersby's illustrations are an excellent companion to the text, showing us a cute bunny and his friends in gentle hues. Each of his illustrations shows action, pulling young readers right into the story.

Visit his website:

* Overall Rating:
5+ stars! Order your copy today! I highly recommend this book to you...
I love this book!

Publisher Info: Thomas Nelson, 2009; ISBN: 1400314763; hardback, $9.99

I Believe Bunny: I Believe Bunny Series

-- LadyD

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