Children's Book List for Special Needs Children

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I came across this great article "Autism awareness children’s book list" in the San Diego Examiner by Kathleen Tehrani:

I was interested in what Kathleen discovered in her search and journey for celebrating our differences. Kathleen had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Zurn of Primrose Schools.

Dr. Mary Zurn goes on to say, "I always typically fall back to children’s literature. I would find books to read and I think children view books as magical and they transport them to other experiences. What you can do is pick up a book that explains, ‘This child is in the process of fitting in….now how can I help?’. And I think that’s a very important piece that I hope parents understand how important that is. The character development is so important. And our parents value this very much. Many of our parents are attracted to us for that character development piece of our curriculum. That’s a value that they have and they want their children to grow up to be caring people as well. And so we get a lot of support from that perspective."

* Just a Few of Dr. Zurn's Literature Recommendations:
The following books build character, opens minds to understanding

Waiting for Benjamin: A children's Book

Waiting For Benjamin: A Story about Autism

Playing by the Rules: A Story About Autism

Playing by the Rules: A Story about Autism

Ian's Walk

Ian's Walk: A Story About Autism

Some Kids Have Autism

Some Kids Have Autism (Understanding Differences)

Talking To Angels

Talking to Angels

I Love You Through and Through

I Love You Through And Through

* Zack the Prairie Dog

Follow the adventures of Zack and Cody in S. Charles Deckers heart-warming tale, Zack the Prairie Dog, and learn that being different, physically or within, always comes with qualities to embrace.

This seemingly simple tale has many layers to discover and will grow with your child. Autism awareness, prejudgment, accepting differences in self and others, overcoming fear and the power of faith and friendship are all blended in an exciting, easy to read children's story.

In Zack the Prairie Dog, you will see...

In heaven's eyes, we are all special.

-- LadyD

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