How To Publish a Children's Book Online by Karen Zara

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I think you might like this article, "How To Publish a Children's Book Online" by Karen Zara. I am always asking questions regarding book publishing and I learned so much from the many options shared here. I have posted the entire writing and publishing article here:

"Before you publish a children’s book online, you should know that you have several online publishing options to choose from. Learn more about them and pick the one which best suits your children’s book author needs.

Publish a Children’s Book - Online Fiction Archives

While most online fiction archives cater to teenagers and adults, several of these Web sites contain sections that allow you to publish a children’s book online.

One such site is FictionPress. This huge fiction archive doesn’t set any word count and chapter limits. Moreover, registration is 100% free. Therefore, you can publish your children’s book online on this site without any worries. Don’t forget to select the Kids category when you upload your stories.

Another alternative is This huge, high-traffic writers site offers a Children’s category, so you can use it to publish a children’s book online. However, this fiction archive does impose various limits on registered authors, depending on their account level. As a result, you may need a premium account if you want to publish a children’s book online via

You may also want to consider LitPitch. When you publish a children’s book online on that Web site, you will be able to indicate the age range to which your target readers should belong. Note that whereas all pieces on LitPitch can be read for free, you as the children’s book author must pay a fee to upload your piece.

Publish a Children’s Book Online - Content Sites

Content sites like Associated Content and Triond also offer you the possibility to publish a children’s book online. Although children’s book publishing is not their specialty, it is usually not against their rules either. Anyway, make sure to read each content site’s terms of service before uploading anything.

Keep in mind that content sites are mainly designed to host stand-alone articles. Consequently, when you use them to publish a children’s book online you will have to be creative and find a way to interlink all of its chapters manually, as you won’t find any tools to do this automatically. You can try to use tags to link your children’s book chapters together, but depending on the chosen content site, this may not be a viable solution.

Publish a Children’s Book - Online POD resources

Online print on demand (POD) publishing services like may be just what you need if you want to publish a children’s book online.

One huge advantage of such services is the fact that you can start publishing your children’s books online without spending a single penny. Moreover, you may also make your children’s stories available in print format if you wish. However, print books produced by POD companies tend to be rather expensive. On the other hand, if all you want is to publish a children’s book online, you will have much more control over the piece’s final price.

Did you catch the last point the author made? This is quite important to me because when you begin this journey you have an idea of what you want even up to the point of submitting an online book for publication. So, you can let folks know what you want, what you have in mind. one of my piano students wrote his first mystery book and was quite pleased with the finished product through He gave his book to family members as Christmas presents. I was so very proud of him.

These are just a few of the many online publishing options available to children’s book writers. Now it is only a matter of time until you get to publish a children’s book online."

-- LadyD

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