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Cheryl Malandrinos over at The Kids Book Connection tagged me today! That means that I have to play tag by answering a few little interview questions! Then I have to blog tag someone else! So, here are my answers and here are the bloggers I am tagging! I guess I’m it! By the way, Cheryl C. Malandrinos is a freelance writer, blogger, book reviewer and author. Her articles on time management and organization for Writer2Writer help writers increase productivity. She has also written articles on gardening, parenting, life in the 1800’s and women’s health issues.

Cheryl is a tour coordinator for Pump Up Your Book Promotion, an online public relations firm specializing in virtual book tours. A member of Musing Our Children, Ms.Malandrinos is also the editor of Pages & Pens, the quarterly newsletter of Musing Our Children. Her first Christian children’s book will be released by Guardian Angel Publishing in late 2010.

The Kids Book Connection is a branch of The Book Connection. Here you will find book reviews, interviews with children’s authors, guest bloggers, and special features.

1. Which words do you use too much in your writing?

"Discover"...If I could just stop using “discover” when I’m writing, then I would be thrilled to discover a new word.

2. Which words do you consider overused in stuff you read?

Words such as “well”, “well then” and “well, why not?”.

3. What are your other favorite blogs?

There are so many to list! I’ll mention a few:

Vintage Kids Books

The PlanetEsme

Maw Books Blog

4. Name a favorite word:

“Creative”, having the quality or power of creating and resulting from originality of thought, expression. Blogs stimulate creative writing filled with creative ideas and activities to explore!

5. And a word you’re not so keen on:

“Here”, when it is used many times in blogging. When you read along and someone says "Click here", "Go here" or "Visit here".

6. What would you like to improve about your writing and/or blog?

I would like to have more clarity and grace for more own writing!

7. What’s your writing ambition?

To write compelling stories that are not boring to bring joy to a child's heart!

I now blog tag the following blogs / bloggers:

Write for a Reader by Shelly B

Cindy's Love Of Books by Cindy from Canada

Brimful Curiosities - mommy blog


Elysabeth's Emerald City by author Elysabeth Eldering

-- LadyD

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