Review of Butterfly House by Eve Bunting

Butterfly House: Eve Bunting

Butterfly House by Eve Bunting

A young girl and her grandfather rescue a caterpillar from a hungry blue jay and make a butterfly house to keep it safe. This tender story -- wonderfully illustrated with sun-kissed drawings -- includes simple instructions for making a butterfly house.

Author Eve Bunting

Eve Bunting has written more than 200 books for children, many of which can be found in libraries around the world. Her other Clarion titles for very young readers include My Big Boy Bed, which was also illustrated by Maggie Smith, and Little Bear's Little Boat, illustrated by Nancy Carpenter.  Eve is a Caldecott Medal winner with Smoky Night. She lives in Pasadena, California.
Eve Bunting raised a butterfly for a local Earth day awhile back and released the beautiful butterfly back  into nature as a beautiful gift.
Butterfly House illustrated by Greg Shed
Greg also raised some Painted Lady butterflies and released them back to the earth. He is a native of San Diego. Please visit his website for a look at Greg's breath taking gallery!
Greg Shed Studio

I find it very interesting that this particular team, author-illustrator, are from sunny California and enjoy writing and illustrating about their passion... as it should be! Did I mention that towards the very back of the book you will find a page on How To Raise a Butterfly?! I love this book with all of its butterfly details and charm. To all the butterfly people, this warm glowing book is worth buying and reading!

Butterfly House

I'd be interested to hear of your childhood memories of butterflies. Being an avid gardener myself and a bee keeper many years back, I have always loved and appreciated the graceful beauty of butterflies.  My landscaping always includes some lantana, cosmos, and marigolds, to name just a few. How about you?

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