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A modern-day story of how Christ's resurrection is still changing lives
Six-year-old Katie's next-door neighbor Papa Jack has the most beautiful flowers in town. He seems like a mean man to most, but Katie has a special place in his heart. Every Easter Sunday she stops by to get her flowers for the Flowering of the Cross at church. Only this year, Papa Jack decides to come along, and Katie helps him discover the real meaning of the Cross.
Designed to place God's truths in the heart of children, The Flowering Cross, has Faith ImprintTM suggestions throughout that will help parents share God's Word with their young one. Also included are instructions for making a Flowering Cross.

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When my first Grandson was born, a friend said to me, "May he follow Jesus all the days of his life." I was so deeply moved by this benediction. As a grandmother, I am always looking for teachable moments to share scripture with them. The author of this sweet book provides "Faith Imprints" of scripture to share with little ones throughout her book. In The flowering Cross, Beth Ryan says her book...
"is a testimony of how a child can influence an adult for Christ."
Do you recall a famous singer B.J. Thomas? B.J.'s daughter prayed for his salvation and it came to pass. Being Greek, I remember as a child my mother always coloring eggs red for the blood of Christ. It was our family tradition. Here Beth introduces to the reader  a way to bring family and friends together by placing a flower in the cross and giving thanks to Jesus. Traditions can be a good thing.

The simple story line with the main character, a young girl named Katie and her not very friendly neighbor Mean Old Jack will capture your heart. Over time with seeds of kindness and love shared with a neighbor,  Jack's heart changes and he wants to go to church with Katie. The love of God is all inclusive from  Katie's brother, NoNo to the neighborhood of children as well.

My neighbor glued clothespins into a shape of a cross and glued flowers on it. I loved that present and still do to this day. In the back of Beth's book are instructions for adults to make a Flowering Cross so you can have your own celebration. If you are looking for a faith-based children's book about Easter, The Flowering cross is an excellent choice! I love the book!
5 stars!

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The Flowering Cross

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