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About an hour's drive from our home and up a steep mountain road, our family soon arrived at a peaceful nearby lake for day use. The men went trout fishing while the women opened up a tablecloth, prepared food for the day along with several sitting places. I chose the blanket and began reading to our grandson a very special book with beautiful illustrations of Babies in the Bayou written by Jim Arnosky.

Lots of babies from the bayou have sharp white teeth, hard shells, webbed feet or quick claws. The babies learn how to dig and swim. Jim Arnosky presents an intimate look at life in the bayou, revealing the challenges and the excitement that animals face there every day.

Our son was able to rescue a few baby ducks who were separated from their mother. All ended well  for the duck family at the lake that day. All of the baby ducks learned to follow their alert mother's lead.

Ducks in the Pond: LadyD Books

Jim Arnosky's work has been called "first-rate natural history for the youngest."

Here are  my favorite books from the author:J

1. Grandfather Buffalo

2. Coyote Raid in Cactus Canyon

3. Armadillo's Orange

4. Turtle in the Sea

I give babies in the Bayou ***** stars! Nature is so peaceful to be in. The next best thing is to read about it. Ah, but to be in the mountains, reading about the bayou was sure bliss for us that day.

From beautiful white birds walking among trees dripping with moss, seeing a mama raccoon with raccoon babies wearing their black masks and little ducklings in a row following their mother through the maze of lily pads,  I recommend this winning book.

Babies in the Bayou   [BABIES IN THE BAYOU] [Hardcover]

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