The Dust Bowl of 1930 and Leah's Pony

Leah's Pony Cover art

Leah's Pony by Elizabeth Friedrich and illustrated by Michael Garland is about the year the corn grew tall and straight, Leah's papa bought her a pony.

Set in the Dust Bowl of the 1930's, Elizabeth Friedrich's deeply felt story, vividly portrayed through Michael Garland's stunning oil paintings, tells of one child and what she would sacrifice for love of her family.

Leah's pony was swift and strong. Together they would cross through cornfields and over pastures, chasing cattle as they galloped under summer skies.

Then came the years the corn grew no taller than a man's thumb. Locusts blackened the sky. The earth turned to dust. Gone were the cornfields and pastures where Leah and her pony once rode. It was the beginning of the great drought. Now Leah's papa faced losing the family farm.

The days were filled with hard times. Here are a few lines of the story that I like:

"Mama used flour sacks to make underwear for Leah. Mama threw dishwater on her drooping petunias to keep them growing."
Now I won't be telling you any more about this story other than that you will need to reach for some tissue. Yes, reading this children's book will bring tears to your eyes and melt your heart. Indeed, it will be a "kleenex moment."

***** stars! I highly recommend the book.

Elizabeth has sold over a half-million- copies of The story of God's Love.

Michael Garland has provided the illustrations for the Boyds Mills Press edition of Washington Irving's the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Why is it that little girls and big ones, too just love ponies? They are indeed beautiful animals.

horses on the plainshorses on the range

horses by the creek

 Leah's Pony

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