Children's Book Allusions: LadyD Books (Goodnight Moon)

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I have been studying the devices in poetry and prose. Allusions fascinate me like the lion Aslan in the book Chronicles of Narnia. I wrote an intel on the subject and thought I would post some of it here.

An allusion is one of the richest and most demanding literary crafty schemes. It’s meaning, “reference” or “fanciful design,” calls on the vast wealth of history, religion, literature, and mythology. An allusion rewards readers in direct proportion to their background knowledge by referring to ideas and things they recognize. The reader will be able to understand the allusion and be familiar with all of the meaning hidden behind the words...
Harry Potter's movie series and storybooks have hundreds of allusions in them. JK Rowling has alluded to many mythological names and folklore.
Allusion examples for children can be from comic characters, story books, nursery rhymes, animation and fiction movies, fairy tales, etc. In The Chronicles of Narnia, we have the White Witch alluded to Snow Queen, and the best example of direct allusion is Aslan for Jesus.

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