Kate Banks: The Cat Who Walked Across France

The Cat Who Walked Across France
Cover of The Cat Who Walked Across France

The Cat Who Walked Across France by Kate Banks
"For many years the cat had lived in the stone house by the edge of the sea. he chased that wind that scuttled through the garden. He watched the birds flitter from the  tree. At dusk he curled up in the bend of the old woman's arm... Then one day the old woman died."
And the cat is packed up with the possessions of the old woman and sent north to the village where she was born. Soon he is forgotten. He walks the streets aimlessly until, spurred by memories and a longing to return to the place he knows and loves, the cat embarks on a journey to find the home he's left behind.

The Cat Who Walked Across France

In lyrical prose and glowing pictures, Kate Banks and Georg Hallensleben take readers on an unforgettable journey across France.
Kate Banks and Georg Hallensleben are the author and artist of several picture books for children, including And If the Moon Could Talk, winner of the Charlotte Zolotow Award, and Close your Eyes. ms. Banks lives in the South of France, and Mr. Hallensleben lives in Paris, France.

I enjoyed reading this delightful picture book to my grandson. The book is for ages 4-8. You'll see many famous landmarks within as you begin the journey with the cat who walked across France. 5 stars. Here is a photo of my beautiful Siamese cat and a friend's Siamese. We are cat lovers. How about you?

siamese cat in livingroomsiamese cat collage

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