Wordless Wednesday: Under The Sea, Coral Reef Adventure

 Wordless Wednesday
 Wordful Wednesday

I love the sea. So many beautiful fish can be found in the oceans of the world. There are great picture books for children as well as young adult books focusing on education of coral reefs with beautiful illustrations.

My father visited the Belize Coral Reef and witnessed a cloud of plants and animals.  I have watched many special programs where your eyes feast on coral reef fish pictures and a lot has been said on Coral Reef protection. Of course, our own San Diego Reuben H. Fleet Science Center shows Coral Reef Adventure. Are you familiar? Watch the trailer:

Here is a list of popular books regarding the coral reef. 


1. Nancy White and Joanna Cole Magic School Bus Takes A Dive: A Book About Coral Reefs 1998: Scholastic Productions. (Magic School Bus Series).
Readers accompany Ms Frizzle’s class as they investigate a coral reef and learn about symbiotic relationships within the marine habitat. 
 2. Bob Barner Fish Wish 2001: Holiday House, Inc.
After a trip to the aquarium, a little boy imagines what it would be like if he were a fish. This book contains a great deal of information about the habitat of a coral reef, matching text and colorful illustrations.
3. Allan Sheather and Kim Michelle Toft (Illustrator) One Less Fish 1998: Charlesbridge Publishing.
A counting book with a conservationist message—each page introduces a different species of fish that lives in the Great Barrier Reef.
4. Sylvia A. Earle Hello, Fish! Visiting the Coral Reef 2001: National Geographic Society
A photographic essay for children, this book provides simple text and wonderful photos of life in a coral reef. 

Adolescent/Young Adult Books

1. Norbert Wu A City Under the Sea 1996: Simon & Schuster Children’s
A sea turtle swims through a coral reef environment to lay eggs on a beach. The book follows her voyage, describing the marine life and sights that she passes on the way.

2. Rebecca L. Johnson The Great Barrier Reef: A Living Laboratory 1991: Lerner Publishing Group,
Readers are introduced to the Great Barrier Reef from the perspective of the scientists who are investigating a wide variety of questions related to the reef. 
3. David Gulko Hawaiian Coral Reef Ecology 1999: Mutual Publishing
This comprehensive and visually engaging book offers a wealth of information that is well explained through illustrations. The book is divided into three sections: corals as organisms, corals as condos and coral reefs as ecosystems.

If you are interested in saving coral reefs, visit http://www.sheddaquarium.org/
You'll find tons of coral reef publications at http://library.coralreef.org

Here's where you can help keep coral reefs alive, http://www.coral.org/tools/teachers.html 

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” — C. S. Lewis

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