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I just finished reading the best, fantastic children's picture book, The Seven Seas by Ellen Jackson. It's coming this Spring, 2011. I was so fortunate to win Ellen's first rhyming book from Early Reviewer Books.

Here is what Publisher's Weekly says:

"Eerdmans raises its sails with The Seven Seas by Ellen Jackson, illus. by Bill Slavin in which a rabbit imagines a trip in search of all seven seas."

About The Book: My Review

Truly, a geography class about the seven seas is not at all boring when Ellen Jackson weaves her funny, rhyming story, along with a cute bunny illustrated in a bright, colorful world of fun and imagination. An unforgettable journey! 5 stars.

In the book, Mr. Bunny imagines visiting each of the seven seas by boat, train, mule and yak. He comes to The Yellow Sea filled with lemonade and flying fish. Then on to discover The Brown Sea made of chocolate while watching brown, clownish bears floating by on whipped cream foam.

Your senses will be delighted as you read of the other humorous seas brilliantly written in rhyme while the story is crowned with amazing paintings by Bill Slaven and Esperanca Melo.

While young readers enjoy the imaginary seas, Ellen provides a map of the three real seas towards the back of the book and adds a special finishing touch with her end notes regarding educational sea and ocean facts.

Keep a watchful eye out for this one when it's released. I love this book and highly recommend it for all ages!

Author Ellen Jackson

About The Author

Ellen Jackson is the author of more than 60 books for children, an award-winning author of 55+ fiction and nonfiction books for children. She is a distant relative of Andrew Jackson and lives in Santa Barbara, California with family and friends. To learn more about this wonderful lady, you can visit her website

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