Mellow Yellow Monday: Flower Talk

Once upon a nature walk, I came across this lonely succulent type Gazania flower plant growing in the hard dirt all alone, by herself. I think I heard her cries.

yellow wild flowers

It seems she felt she could grow better and feel more secure in a community along with other flowers.

At least that's how it seemed from her perspective. She was  living in barren soil out in the desert by herself.

Miss wild flower thought it would be lovely to grow with some more yellow plants. She wanted to blend in. 

white mountain flowers

Her friend wasn't sure it was a good idea to relocate.
But right around the corner, the little wild flower caught a glimpse of her new neighbors. This group was standing tall along the trail, too. After all, it was a good winter with plenty of rain. I guess your growth rate and how you bloom depends on where you're planted, the type of seed and so on.

field of mountain flowers

I think everyone will get along quite nicely now.

bee happy sign

-- LadyD


  1. it looks so pretty and saturday at the same time..nice captures!

  2. Lovely sequence of photos -- I like the story, too. And thanks for joining my blog!

  3. Lovely to see flowers from different parts of the country for Mellow Yellow Monday!

  4. Wild flowers are so amazingly beautiful! They are tiny and they usually looks like they are surviving to live, but they produce beautiful flowers. Great photo and thanks for the visit!


  5. Hi LadyD ... you have just been tagged, check it out on my blog


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