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Wordless Wednesday

I just finished reading a book called Surrendered Sleep by Dr. Charles W. Page.

About The Book (Wordful Wednesday)

Surrendered Sleep approaches insomnia from a biblical perspective and exposes several heart attitudes you may experience in your journey for rest. These attitudes may not only affect the way you sleep but also the way you relate to God. Dr. Page will challenge you to wrap your mind around the concept of a God who is just as active during your sleep—or sleeplessness as during your wakeful hours.

My Thoughts (Book Review)

In many ways, our health and wellness are directly tied to stress. I must confess that I have adopted a particular stress-relieving activity on a daily basis and that has to do with breathing exercises. It sure helps me feel better. Yes, it is automatic to breathe, but I’m talking about diaphragmatic breathing. You choose to follow and observe your breathing throughout your day to feel better and melt away tension and worry.

Well, when nighttime approaches, one-third of our lives will be spent sleeping. If we have sleep issues, in our pursuit to identify the causes, we might try medication to herbal remedies and there’s always counting sheep with expressing thanks for our daily blessings.

I just finished reading a book called Surrendered Sleep. What a great title, for sure. I was immediately drawn in and wanted to read more. The heart of the book is not to undermine modern sleep medicine but to introduce us to a profitable approach to understand the One who never sleeps and provides surrendered peace to us all.

In the book, you’ll find seventeen wonderful chapters regarding our hearts on a subject that is common to all of us. Do you sleep? With all the current affairs of the world today, not to mention adding the daily stress loads to our list, it’s no wonder that many struggle with sleep disorders of some kind.

Dr. Page has written an insightful and practical approach to a much need solution to the problem, “Got Sleep?”  Towards the back of the book, you will want to read the endnotes and take a look at the Sleep Diary.

So, we are all too familiar with certain things to avoid in achieving a good night’s sleep. We have learned to avoid very spicy food and not to exercise too late in the evening. Our bedroom is a sanctuary of peace, without the presence of a loud TV. Yet, we reach for medications to help us sleep, to silence those triggers of insomnia.

In reading Dr. Charles Page’s new book, Surrendered Sleep, I must say has affected me in a way I hadn’t expected. The author skillfully cuts through layers and issues of all tried and true steps for a better sleep for us all and lays out an excellent blueprint for us to follow. Keep in mind, Dr. Page does not promise perfect, sleep-filled nights for one and all but rather he explores the root causes of many sleep disturbances as our lives have become more demanding.

In reading the book “Surrenderd Sleep”, the author walks you through a Biblical perspective of what the Christian faith has to say about sleep and introduces you to the One who created your need for sleep. If you desire to improve the peacefulness of your sleep and quality of your life, I highly recommend this one. 5* book!

The book was provided in exchange for an honest review.