Darling Dahlias

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I went to a Dahlia Garden while visiting in San Francisco. I noticed that the flower beds had tons of stakes. Seeing them grouped all together was a lovely site. I must confess that while researching for Dahlia quotes, I didn't seem to care for these at all. If you come up with something, please leave me a note... 
with love from darling dahlia.

Dahlia Garden: LadyD Books
The Dahlia is any composite plant of the genus Dahlia, native to Mexico and Central America, having tuberous roots and showy flowers.
Dahlia Garden: LadyD Books

The Dahlia is a lovely perennial for any border.

Dahlias are bright and beautiful. Their packed petals are saturated in rainbow hues.

Dahlia Garden: LadyD Books

You can get bulbs for huge Dahlia heads.

Dahlia Garden: LadyD Books

The crown jewel of summer and fall gardens.

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