The Friday 56: The Fledgling

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From the Inside Flap

"It all started when Georgie, hardly more than a wisp of thistledown, discovered she could jump down twelve steps in two big graceful bounds. Next, to her great delight, she learned that jumping from the porch and floating as high as the rooftop was possible too. So when the mysterious Canada goose came to her window one night it seemed only natural to climb onto his back and go off with him to learn how to really fly.

The Fledgling (Hall Family Chronicles, Book 4)Teen Science Fiction Books)

Jane Langton spins a marvelous fantasy that wild delight all who dream that someday, somehow, we will magically find ourselves aloft and suddenly able to fly!"

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*Grab a book, any book. 
*Turn to page 56. 
*Find any sentence that grabs you. 
*Post it. 
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Here's mine:

"So you see, Ralph, we must get together and talk. There are things that must be done. Who knows where such a piece of good fortune  might lead? Having been  vouchsafed the witnessing  of this miracle, I have a responsibility to myself and what's more, dear Ralph, just think of it, TO THE WORLD AT LARGE."

From The Fledgling by Jane Langton

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