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Larry Diglan from Onlinecollegecourses.com   shared an article with me, “The 10 Coolest Libraries for Kids” that was recently published on their blog. Here's a snippet and you can read the entire article here. Be sure and check out the list.

"Instilling a love of reading at a young age can be an invaluable asset in the life of an individual, setting them up for greater success in school and perhaps their future careers. One of the best places to help hone a love of literature in kids is at the local library. Some libraries have gone above and beyond in helping children and teens to find reading a worthwhile and fun activity, building fantastical settings and offering a number of great programs." 

How we love spending time at our local library as you can see from the photos above. I wrote a post (take a peek inside) regarding the opening of Our New Library

Thank you Larry for sharing this wonderful article and list of libraries with us.

Best Wishes,
-- LadyD


  1. I love libraries too!

    Please add the link to BLUE MONDAY.


    Happy 1st Blue Monday, D.

  2. Libraries are my favorite places since I was a kid. Just realy nice seeing the kid having so much fun:) my MYM is up now.

  3. I love mine as well. So much to see and do for all ages.

  4. With all those fun things to do, it's easy to see why you love your library!


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  5. Libraries are the best! It was my very favorite place as a child.


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