Friday 56: Morgy's Musical Summer

Morgy's Musical Summer
Ages 9-12
I have such fond memories of going to a music camp when I was younger and winning a musical scholarship. The black and white illustrations are full of action and expression. This very cool chapter book introduces the reader in the world of music. Kids playing in band or orchestra will be thrilled to recognize the various instruments, the songs and their composers, as well as the many musical terms. I love the 5*book.

 Page 56:

"I'm just saying I hear this story a lot, usually after chili night."

Morgy's Musical Summer by Maggie Lewis and illustrated by Michael Chesworth

About the Book - 3rd book 
(Ms. Lewis' first two Morgy titles, MORGY COAST TO COAST, and MORGY MAKES HIS MOVE).

Morgy thinks Outlook Music camp is a long way to go to get good at the trumpet. It's almost in Canada! But Colonel Profundo gave him a "promising beginner" scholarship. His friends, Byron and Clara, are coming, too.

Dad says, "It's summer camp and you'll love it." Dad's right, but he doesn't know the half of it. There's canoeing, swimming, soccer, and wild games of musical chairs. But there's also Damien, oboe prodigy and bully. And Byron and Clara are in band, 
while Morgy's stuck in orchestra, playing a solo.

What is Morgy supposed to do if he can barely read music; he misses his dog, Dante, and his cat, Pancake; his best friend is in love with their trumpet teacher; and he sees soldiers in three-cornered hats sneaking through the camp at night?

Keep practicing, of course! Maggie Lewis's Morgy's Musical Summer is a camp novel to write home about.

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