Wordless Wednesday: Goose's Story

Cover of Cover of Goose's Story
Wordless Wednesday:
I love this photo of mom, dad and babies!

Wordful Wednesday:

I found a beautiful children's picture book at our library called "Goose's Story" by Cari Best. You must see this 5* book with excellent writing of words that will warm your heart.

"Goose's story is true. She came on a Sunday. We would only guess about how she'd hurt her foot. Had she skidded on the ice as she landed? Could it have been a snapping turtle? Or had some leftover fishing line wrapped itself around her foot? Whatever it was, the goose with one foot became our spring and then our summer that year. Who would have thought she'd become our inspiration for all times, too."
 Cari Best has written Taxi! Taxi!, Three Cheers for Catherine the Great!, and Shrinking Violet!

Holly Meade has illustrated Hush! and Steamboat!

I have always loved birds. We've seen geese at the zoo, the Safari Park and at one of our favorite ponds nearby. How about you?

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis

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