Book Review: The Violin's Magical Melody (Scribbles and Friends)

The Violin's Magical Melody: LadyD Books
The Violin's Magical Melody with Audio Book CD

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Product Description

Scribbles and his two friends Tiger and Gemma look forward to entering Greenvale County's annual kite race. However, their excitement fades after the mischievous Skunk Brothers, Randy, and Riley, plant seeds of doubt and fear in the minds of the three friends. Wanting desperately to run and hide until after the race, a talking blanket named Jorey appears and offers to take them to Imagination Land, a delightful place "Where Your Imagination Makes All Your Dreams Possible." Once there, they meet a teary-eyed musical prodigy, named Harmony, who has a terrible case of stage fright. Harmony believes the only way she will be able to perform is if she plays with an enchanted musical instrument. Vowing to help their new friend find her confidence, Scribbles, Tiger, Gemma, and Jorey accompany Harmony on an exciting adventure through Imagination Land in search of the legendary magical violin.

Product Details                                  

  • Hardcover: 48 pages
  • Publisher: PediNatural (October 1, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0982729448
  • ISBN-13: 978-0982729441
Have a look and listen for yourself. I LOVE the music! It's so upbeat and alive!

If you're interested in the storyline, you can hear the audio book CD on  The violin is an amazing instrument and one of the most challenging to play!

My Review

Scribbles & Friends (The Imagination Blanket Series) is a wonderful, educational children's book. The author, Terica Lynn Swangin has brilliantly combined friendship, feelings, family, and music into one dynamic book. Parents and children will enjoy reading many of life's valuable lessons woven with courage and imagination. 

The illustrations by Maa Designs Limited capture the main character, Scribbles and secondary characters such as  Harmony, Tiger, Gemma and Riley & Randy who are warm and lovable amongst colorful surroundings. Jorey, The Imagination Blanket, is one of my favorite characters.

I was so impressed with this heartfelt story. It begins with an annual kite race, along with Scribble's parents affirming and nurturing ways of encouraging Scribbles to do his best. Plus, the winner receives their favorite ice cream sundae from Madame Moo. The seeds of doubt arise with heckles from the peers but the story takes a delightful turn and the journey of adventures begin throughout Imagination Land... "Where your imagination makes all your dreams possible."

Children will discover Harmony, a girl puppy whom I love dearly. Her feelings of vulnerability are shared here regarding her lack of confidence that her melody played on the violin will not be special enough to win. Haven't we all felt that way at times, no matter our age or what we're going through? I love this universal hook and I am pleased that my grandchildren turn the pages ever so quickly to find out what happens next. Wait 'til you meet Verity, a fairy who cares for magical instruments.

This is a most engaging book to share with children. Being a piano teacher myself and having joy in teaching children the piano and putting on recitals, it is rewarding to read about how Harmony conquers her fear and plays the violin ever so sweetly. 

***** stars! An enchanting book. I highly recommend it!

The Violin's Magical Melody

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I can hear the musical sounds in the neighborhood of a local market on the streets of San Francisco! 

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