Kindle vs. Nook vs. iPad

 Wordless Wednesday

Wordful Wednesday

I have been asking everyone and researching online for quite sometime which e-book reader do I want and why? Here's how the dialogue goes with myself. Perhaps you can relate.

1. Do I want more than just reading books?

So, for reading books, looking at magazines and newspapers, I think I will go with the Barnes & Noble basic e-reader with touch screen. I know the Amazon Kindle is cheaper but no touch screen. But wait, now I want color. My heart is set on the Barnes & Noble Nook Color for less than $250.

2. How large of a screen do I want?

Well, I'm thinking I can hold around 1 lb. for reading and that's a comfortable weight for me.

3. Do I need apps and wireless data?

This is where I have to slow down and re-read all of the information to understand fully what I can live without. All I know is that Nook books can be accessed on iPads.

Now, I've jumped into a whole new ball game because the iPad is currently the better choice, along with more money to spend ($500.+) but comes with free reading apps... hooray!

Here's what I'm looking at:

Barnes & Noble Nook Touch Reader (Wi-Fi) — $139.00
Barnes & Noble Nook Color — $249.00
Amazon Kindle with Special Offers (Wi-Fi, graphite) — $114.00
Apple iPad 2 (16GB, Wi-Fi, black) — $539.00

So, before making my final decision, I ask myself again...

1. What do I want to use it for... Only for reading books?  Or would I use it for surfing the web too and minor web stuff?

If it's only for reading books and I most likely will want to read outside, then I might want to consider the Kindle or the new Nook (which is like the Kindle).

  • Kindle $134
  • New Nook $139
2. If I want any web usage and minor web usage, I will probably get the Nook Color.  
  • Nook Color $249
3. If I want full-fledged tablet usage (videos, mail, lots of apps) I will get the 7inch Samsung Galaxy Wifi.  Then download the Kindle or Nook app on it to read my purchased books.   
  • Samsung Galaxy Wifi Tablet $349
 Even though it's more expensive, my friends suggest I get the Nook Color.  Also, Kindle doesn't have open DRM's so if I buy a book somewhere else (, B&N etc...) it won't display on the Kindle.

I feel closer to making my decision. Yet, any input from you, dear readers is greatly appreciated!  

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