The Quilt of Life

A Patchwork of Devotional Thoughts: The Quilt of Life
Yesterday, we experienced a major power outage from Mexico, San Diego to L.A. The following quote from Mary Tatem's Book, The Quilt of Life, seemed appropriate today, especially the latter paragraph. Amazing to me that we are so dependent upon the grid of electrical power and yet surrender to His power speaks to me, the creator of all things. Obviously, to create this post, the power is back on and I am thankful!

Page 56:

"Even as Kim stood grimacing at the needlework, she realized a battle raged for power and authority in her own life. Week after week she struggled to write reports for her bosses which pictured her as winning whatever the current contract required. While she didn't write about executing her competition, she did cut them down to picture herself as a victor. Reports which slandered others made her company's division look good.

The picture of Christ hanging on the cross came to her mind. He had chosen an infamous death so she could live. Then He conquered death and rose again. Right there in the museum, Kim breathed a prayer of surrender to God. If He could die and rise again for her salvation, His resurrected life could flow through her to help her at her work. She did not need to disparage others to come out ahead. She needed to ask for His power to perform her tasks. She determined to rely on His strength instead of her own."

-- Mary Tatem from The Quilt of Life

About The Book

Life is a patchwork of separate experiences that come together into a unified whole-much like a handmade quilt. Author Mary Tatem weaves that theme into 90 story-based meditations, offering insight into peaceful, successful, godly living. This new edition of the much-loved devotional The Quilt of Life (more than 175,000 copies sold since 2000) will introduce you to the beautiful, colorful, and cozy world of quilts and the Master Designer who lovingly assembles the fabric of our existence. In addition to the encouraging devotional material, The Quilt of Life includes a bonus feature: practical tips for quilters!

About The Author

Would you like a boost to your spirits? Ever since I learned to read, I've had a love affair with books. Through books I can enjoy grand adventures, explore new places, and delve into people's thoughts. By the time I was in second grade, I loved writing stories, silly ones full of giants in imaginary worlds. I thank my excellent teachers who encouraged creativity and provided the drive to become a writer. Memories of sleeping under my grandmother's hand-made quilt and the love of writing form a foundation of many stories in my books. My goal is to write stories to touch the reader's hearts.
As the mother of four and grandmother of fifteen, I find life full of inspiring stories. Aren't people fun? Join me in one of my books for encouraging reading.

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  3. I like the premise of this book, it sounds very interesting.

  4. Love how you summorized the book so that I pretty much got the gist of the whole thing. I came over from the blog hop (I am late) and now a new follower of your blog thru GFC and Facebook. I would love a follow back on both of those also when you get the chance. I got my first book to review today so I may come back and refresh my memory on how good you told your story and led the reader thru so that they understood what the book was all about. Gave me something to consider. Have a great day!



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