Using Picnik to Improve Your Image

Original Photo: My View

Along the way (via the internet), I have discovered some exciting sites that have helped me with photography. I recently started experimenting with my D200 camera and realized just how much there is to learn in the photography world.

 HDR Effect

There is a site where you can decorate, frame and add text to your photo, called


Did you know that you can use Picnik without leaving your blog post? Just click on your photo and you will see, "Edit Image." Click on it and there you go! you've arrived at the place to edit your photo.
Now, I usually don't use these many images in my post but I wanted to share some cool editing.

One can create stunning pictures with contrast scenes at

You can do really interesting twists to your photos (like the one above) from a site I discovered at:

 So, I turned the same photo into a blue sky at dusk, adding some glowing bats for a fun trick-or-treat dusk scene. You can do all these fun things at this site,

Are there other photo sites that you've discovered online? I love Flickr and Photo Bucket, too. I'm sure there are tons of information to google on this subject. What works well for you?

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