Book Review: You Be You by Linda Kranz

For ages 4 and up

 As a member of Library Thing, I was so excited to learn the good news that I had won a children's picture book, You Be You from the author Linda Kranz. She is the author of Only One You. I just love the book and the illustrations in bright primary colors are so beautiful with cheery details galore! Let me tell you why it is a hit with me...

My Review

I highly recommend this positive, engaging, colorful book for home, school and church libraries. It's a real page turner, for sure! You will love the main character, Adri who is a rock fish and how he begins to observe others around him and grows in embracing all types of fish and their differences.  The simple story line offers a powerful message of love, friendship, uniqueness and acceptance. I love how Adri's parents proclaim a benediction, if you will, over their son with such love and grace. My favorite line, "Life is a grand journey, Adri," Mama said. "You be you." 5 stars! A very nurturing and affirming book that is excellent for everyone's self esteem.

I look forward to hearing more from this talented author, illustrator... wow! 

Book Description

A companion book to the bestselling Only One You, Kranz once again uses her famous "rockfish" to express the themes of diversity, individuality, and acceptance to children. When Adri sets out to explore the ocean, he has no idea how colorful the world is. He quickly discovers that there are all kinds of fish in the deep blue sea—big and tiny, smooth and spiny, colorful and plain, different and the same. Join Adri as he travels the ever changing currents of the ocean and see if you can find your favorite rockfish among the waves!

Product Details

Editorial Reviews

Youngsters will enjoy the catchiness of the text and the lively nature of the illustrations, while appreciating the concepts found within....A good choice to help children consider similarities and differences.
(Kirkus Reviews )

The combination of the colorful, jewel-like objects and affirmative messages is likely to make this book as popular as Kranz’s first, which has a loyal following.
(Publishers Weekly )

You Be You brings a whole new level of excitement to painted rocks. A rounded, smooth rock is a limited canvas, but Kranz’s design and the variety of patterns on the rocks makes the book worthwhile before you even read a single word. I looked through the entire book and marveled at the painting and design before I went back to read it.
(Raising Arizona Kids

About the Author

" When our children were born I began to appreciate so many wonderful children's books. Oh, how books have changed since my childhood. Treasured books that I have on my bookshelf still have a special meaning to me although the art isn't anywhere near as vibrant as art in children's books today."

Linda was born in Georgia and moved many times when she was growing up. "I have always loved art and journaling. Being creative kept me grounded. As young child I would draw and color for hours. As a teen I painted on canvas or blank walls and I wrote.

"Since my husband and I have been married, we've spent a lot of time outdoors, hiking and enjoying the natural world. It seems to me that when you are an artist you notice opportunities to create. Years and years ago I came across a rock that was perfect for painting."

"My love for art and children's books is what inspires me to write and illustrate books. This is a great quote, "If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it. ~ Toni Morrison. We all have stories inside us waiting to be released. It is a joy to bring a story to life. Set aside time to read your favorite book today or discover a new book. I know you will smile and be inspired."

Linda has written 11 books. Eight journals with guided prompts that are combined with various artists' illustrations, unique graphics or beautiful photography which encourages the writer to fill up the empty pages with their own life stories, Let's Rock: Rock Painting for Kids which won a Children's Choices award and Only One You which focuses on the love between parents and their child, Adri. Her latest book You Be You continues where Only One You left off and now Adri is discovering the world for himself. These books speak to readers of all ages.

From the Author

In Only One You Adri's Papa and Mama share with him the wisdom they have learned in their lives. The reader will find either Mama or Papa or both Mama and Papa floating on the pages.

Now in You Be You Adri's adventure continues.

Join Adri as he is out discovering the world on his own. Look for Adri swimming among all the coloful fish.

In this story I wanted the reader to feel comfortable about who they are. We are all different. We have our own talents and we should develope our unique gifts and share them with the world. The message is to be yourself.

Just like the end sheets in Only One You more wisdom and encouragement spills onto the front and back inside covers of You Be You.

I want my stories to speak to all ages.

After reading a story I love to close the book with a smile.

Thank you, for taking the time to read "From the Author."

 If you would like to learn more about Linda Kranz, visit her website,

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis
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