Book Review: Kindergarten by Susan Case

 I was so thrilled to learn that I had won this book at a contest
being held at Bern's site,
 Being a music teacher for a kindergarten class, I really hoped to experience some insightful tips from the author. This was a dream come true for me! Here's a little snippet from Amazon:

Book Description

Remember the innocent but goofy things you did as a kindergartner? Reminisce about your early years as you learn how to help your precious child become ready for school and have a successful kindergarten year. Are you a kindergarten teacher who needs proven ideas and solutions for your classroom? This book is for parents and teachers of preschoolers and kindergartners. It will make you laugh and give you hundreds of ideas to help with behavior, reading, special education, science experiments, holiday celebrations, and recipes for Fun Fridays and for success. Chapter One: Teacher Tattle Tales Chapter Two: Celebrate the Holidays-Celebrate Life Chapter Three: A Smooth Move to School Chapter Four: Reading-the Greatest Gift of All Chapter Five: Science-Survival Specials Chapter Six: Discipline-Combat Duty or Common Sense Tactics? Chapter Seven: The Special Education Experience Chapter Eight: Silly Sanity Lists Chapter Nine: Recipes for Fun Fridays Chapter Ten: It's a Wonderful World, After All
Meet the fun, loving author, Susan Case

Susan Case is a retired Special Education and kindergarten teacher and the mother of a special needs daughter. She earned a Master of Science degree in Family and Child Development and has teaching certificates in Early Childhood, Special Education and Elementary Education.
My Review

Susan is a beautiful person, with her loving, kind, and caring ways.  Susan Case’s writing is touching and inspirational, speaking from her own life's experiences. If anyone is considering becoming a Kindergarten Teacher or has been teaching kindergarten, this is a must-read. I love the book!

Ten chapters move along at a brisk pace, with exciting tips and tales, hilarious jokes and meaningful quotes woven through many, deep and precious stories from the author's relationship with children and their parents.

If you are a teacher or crafty grandma and parent who loves holidays like me, you'll want to write down recipes and make a list of some valuable links and teacher resources. The book is an excellent addition for your school, church, and home library. 

 I especially loved reading a tender moment about Hugs from Seaver, a book donation project, with tissue in hand. Enough can't be said for teachers who put in long hours serving and are passionate about their profession of teaching, sacrificing and investing in children's lives. You will be rewarded!

An excellent book and I plan to re-read often. Susan has a gift of seeing through a child's perspective and preparing them for their tomorrow. Thank you for sharing these treasures with us, so we may become better teachers.

***** stars!
Kindergarten: Tattle-Tales, Tools, Tactics, Triumphs and Tasty Treats for Teachers and Parents  


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