Wordless Wednesday: Save The Band

Fallbrook high school band: LadyD Books

Fallbrook high school band: LadyD Books

High School Band Concert: LadyD Books

 I live in a small town. These pictures are a small representation of our local high school concert and marching band. What is a marching band? Wikipedia defines it here. I was fortunate to get a few pictures during the Avocado Festival and speak with John P. Lewis, Vice President of the Fallbrook Band Boosters, Inc. 

Did you know that many artists have gotten their first break as a student in a school music program? Unfortunately, educational budget cuts constantly threaten to eliminate these valuable programs denying students exposure to music and preventing them from creative release.

Basically, what is happening in our school district is about the lack of funding with more budget cuts going on. Parents are working so hard to keep the arts alive in the schools. I love California... but my Wordless Wednesday, this time, means a lot to me and for so many others. I am passionate in the arts. So, please dear community of our local town, please save the band! For more information on how to do that, visit

I was one of the lucky ones where music was the norm in school. I loved choir and singing competition days in high school. I won a music scholarship to San Diego State and well, you know the rest. Been playing the piano for over 30 years in the churches on worship teams, and have been teaching piano for over 15 years now and love being the music teacher for a kindergarten class. If you want, visit my music sites at http://LadyDpiano.com and http://pianodiana.blogspot.com

Save the band!


 “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis

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