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 About The Book

Poe is a fish with the body of a little girl and far too much purple hair! As a purple-headed pirate princess Poe escapes Ralph the shark, rescues her fellow fish from fishermen, and proves that she can swim just as fast as any fish, even if she does look like a little girl. Includes seven original oil paintings by world-class artist, Ryan A. Pratt.

So exciting to meet these cool guys, author-illustrator, at the book fair.

About The Author and Illustrator

Sean McCauley has been writing stories since the age of six. His first novel, A Prelude to the Answer, was completed during his senior year at Huntington Beach High School. He is currently revising his epic tale of class warfare, The Day Daddio Died. He lives in Long Beach, CA. Ryan Pratt has been painting with oil since the year 2000. He received his B.F.A. degree from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Though featured in countless modern art shows and published in both professional and popular magazines, this is his first published work as an illustrator. He lives in Huntington Beach, CA

My Review

This is a short book with about 24 pages; very nice illustrations. It's a great story with a cute main character named Poe who is a fish. I just love her long purple hair and she looks just like a girl. Poe meets up with an unfriendly shark named Ralph. The story line moves along nicely with Poe's long hair getting tangled,  escaping unfriendly fish and landing on a Pirate Boat. From this point on, you get a sense of many more adventures to come, especially Poe helping her family. I was particularly interested in Sean's writing style. He did a fine job with Poe Princess of Pirates. 
**** stars!


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