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San Diego Safari Park for Skywatch Friday
Browsers, like bushbuck, steerbok, duiker and nyala are found in the bushier areas of the Kruger National Park. 

These buck are hunted by leopards, who hide, well camouflaged, and pounce suddenly.

Big Horn Cattle: LadyD Books
Big Horn Cattle

Roan Antelope: LadyD Books
Roan antelope, grazing particularly on medium-tall grass

I was fortunate to get some photos of the animals at the park while they were feeding, resting or grazing. It's a huge place to walk-about and there's a short tram ride one can take also. What a wonderful sanctuary for so many different species.

Find It cover art

 I'm currently reading a complete outdoor guide to animals, plants, history and ecozones, called FIND IT Kruger National Park by Jacana.

Book Excerpt

"Most animals spend a great deal of their waking hours gathering sufficient food for survival fro themselves and often for their young too. When looking for animals, look near their food source."
Did you know that all animals (mammals, birds, reptiles and insects) can be classified according to their method of feeding into one of the following categories:

They are either

* insectivorous(eating insects)
* herbivorous (eating vegetable matter)
*carnivorous (eating meat) or
* omnivorous (eating all forms of food) 

antelope herds: LadyD Books
Antelope herds up to 12

Page 56 @ Freda's Blog

"In woody, bushy areas, both the predator's and the antelope's camouflage tend to be spots or soft stripy lines to conceal them among the leaves and branches." 

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