Quote It Saturday: Mama's Lullaby

Epiphyllum Cactus: LadyD Books
"Epi" in bloom for Mother's Day!"

As I made a turn around the corner, I was greeted with my epiphyllum cactus in bloom. Wow, it seems so special and just right for Flowers on Saturday and Pink Saturday.

Epiphyllum leaves are broad and the flower colors are a wonderful variety to see. They are a majestic orchid cacti when in bloom and an ordinary cactus in between blooms.

I'm headed out the door for the Safari Park in San Diego. How my grandson loves to see the animals. I'll bring my Nikon D200 along because one never knows what I might find. It's a huge park and one of my favorites that I visit often.

For Quote It Saturday

Mama's Lullaby

Written By: Grace Hall
French Folk Song

Baby dear, Mama's here,
Watching o'er your slumber.
Dream, my child, until the dawn
Wakes the daisies on the lawn.

Dream you float in a boat,

Under starry heavens;
Dream of brooks and singing birds,
Scented breezes, tender words.

Dream of all, great and small,

Things serene and lovely;
Fairies, lambs, and butterflies,
Sleepy clouds in summer skies.

Sleep all night, in my sight,

Though you're off in dreamland;
Then, tomorrow, with the sun,
Back to Mama, little one!
My Beautiful Daughters: LadyD Books
My daughters and I, wish you a Happy Mother's Day surrounded with love!

Sleep, baby, sleep,
Your daddy's away,
Sleep, baby, sleep,
And mommy will pray,
Pray for your daddy
Who sails on the sea,
Pray while I'm rocking
His babe on my knee;
May breezes blow gently
Where'er he may be,
And blow him home safely
To you and to me;
Safely, safely,
To you and to me,
To you and to me.

Sleep, baby, sleep,

Your daddy's away,
Sleep, baby, sleep,
And mommy will pray,
Pray all the night
Through the sea's sullen roar,
Pray while I'm watching
And weeping so sore;
But there's daddy's voice
Coming up from the shore,
And now you and I
Are weeping no more,
Now you and I
Are weeping no more,
Are weeping no more. 

Written By: Dr. Blatherwick
Music By: Virginia Gabriel

Photo Credit: Rebekah Failla and Artie Romero


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