Anaconda Sky

Mountain View: LadyD Books

I know, snakes don't have legs! lol This photo was taken from my view with my Nikon 220 that I'm getting familiar with.

Huge Cloud Over Mountain: LadyD Books

Remember looking up at the sky, wondering about the clouds?

Mountain View: LadyD Books

One of my favorite things to do as a child was to get real dizzy, then lay on the grass and look up at cloud formations. Now that I'm all grown up, I imagine this "anaconda went walking!" 
 Skywatch Friday

Page 56

"I was at my bedroom table with a notebook open wide, when a giant anaconda started winding up my side..."
-- Poems by Jack Prelutsky 
Page 56 Meme 

Here's the entire poem. I think it's pretty cute!

A Remarkable Adventure

I was at my bedroom table
with a notebook open wide,
when a giant anaconda
started winding up my side,
I was filled with apprehension
and retreated down the stairs,
to be greeted at the bottom
by a dozen grizzly bears.

We tumultuously tussled
till I managed to get free,
then I saw, with trepidation,
there were tigers after me,
I could feel them growing closer,
I was quivering with fear,
then I blundered into quicksand
and began to disappear.

I was rescued by an eagle that descended from the skies
to embrace me with its talons,
to my terror and surprise,
but that raptor lost its purchase
when a blizzard made me sneeze,
and it dropped me in a thicket
where I battered both my knees.

I was suddenly surrounded
by a troop of savage trolls,
who maliciously informed me
they would toast me over coals,
I was lucky to elude them
when they briefly looked away--
that's the reason why my homework
isn't here with me today.

Such a cute poem. If you have sons or grandsons like me, you're always checking their pockets before you do the wash! 

Thinking of all my online friends and wishing you a Happy Sunday for Mother's Day, which is each and every day with all the "mothering" that you do!


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