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Super Mario Costume: LadyD Books

If you're like my grandchildren, it's fun to play dress up any time of the year. We have a special box for play time fashion items. Then there's the special season in the fall when the children think about who they want to dress up like for Halloween and they pretend to be their favorite character.

Recently, I was thrilled when Christie Lee contacted me from , asking me to write a review for one their products and I said "Yes!" It makes perfect sense to me when you're a grandmother of four, from ages 6, 4, 2 and 18 months. Here are some interesting points I learned about this company that I wanted to share with you.

grandson wearing super mario costume: LadyD Books

My Review

I had shared with my grandson one day that I had ordered his Halloween costume; the one he chose online at Anytime Costumes for boys  He was so excited and just couldn't wait for its arrival. You can imagine the excitement! First impressions mean everything, especially for a new shopper, in hopes that they will like what they see and return as a satisfied customer. What I found with Anytime Costumes was more than I hoped for.

Super Mario Costume for my grandson: LadyD Books

Here are 5 top reasons to shop with them:

1. Reliable company since 1954.
2. Fast delivery service.
3. Great customer service.
4. Variety of choices and sizes for everyone.
5. Reasonable, affordable prices.

putting on mario gloves: LadyD Books

My 4 year old grandson chose the Super Mario Luigi Costume. His favorite color is green and he loves the character. I found the company website to be fast loading and easy to navigate through. We clicked on the tab, "Kids Costumes", went to the Boys Section and then headed over to the TV & Movie section. The "Child Deluxe Super Mario Bros" cost is $34.99

I chose the small size (4-6) and noticed that there were helpful size charts and more additional information to help one make the right decision for their particular needs. I was pleasantly surprised at all that goes into the making of a successful children's Halloween costume, mostly the spectacular details in the accessories.

cute grandson wearing his costume: LadyD Books

For instance, in Super Mario the kit includes a hat, mustache, jumpsuit with an attached shirt and gloves. The fun part begins here with an inflatable belly. Overall, this is an awesome Halloween costume, the real deal as an officially licensed Nintendo costume. It's comfortable to wear, easy to put on so your movements are uninhibited. Overall, I am so pleased with everything about this company. It sure beats the alternative of shopping for a small selective costume, hoping to get the right size and a good price, in a retail store. Thanks, Anytime Costumes! We really love the costume!

If you are searching the web for adult, child, mascot and pet costumes, plus wigs, masks and makeup, visit

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  1. That is such a cute costume!! My boys love all the Mario games and I bet my youngest would dig that costume, too. He's adorable!!

  2. Thanks Mimi. The costume is cute and I think he made a good choice! :=)


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