First Fire

Fire: LadyD Books

At sunset, here is a look at our first fire on the West Coast.

Fire: LadyD Books

Kind of an eery feeling, seeing many birds take flight for their lives.

Fire: LadyD Books

Enticing detail to observe the silhouette of avocado trees.

Avocado trees: LadyD Books

No more blue skies but soon there will be a clearing.

Smoke View: LadyD Books

And indeed, the smoke blows out to sea.

Fire Smoke: LadyD Books

And over the eastern mountains, the smoke was heading south.

Smoke View of Fire: LadyD Books

 Our first fire of the season started the other day on a nearby military base. The warm summer winds, throughout the day, fanned the flames and filled the skies with smoke. It's so dry here in Southern California that it just doesn't take much to set off a wildfire, like what's happening in Colorado right now. Everything is all right now and no one was hurt, nor property damage. We were lucky this time. How is it where you are?

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Caldecott Honor Book

One Morning in Maine (Picture Puffins)

This is a delightful, heartwarming story... so childlike. Written by Robert McCloskey, he beautifully conveys life's everyday pleasures and his intimate knowledge and deep appreciation of the Maine Islands. I've been to Maine and it is charming and magical.

Jacket Flap

"One morning in Maine, Sal woke up. She peeked over the top of the covers. The bright sunlight made her blink, so she pulled the covers up and was just about to go back to sleep when she remembered 'today is the day I am going to Buck's Harbor with my father!'"

From a book reviewer:

"This book, along with Blueberries for Sal and Time of Wonder, by the same author, were some of my favorite books as a child growing up in Maine. I loved them because the children did things I did---dug for clams, picked blueberries, took boat rides to get ice cream, played on the rocky shore and on and on! I loved the pictures because they are so detailed and realistic. This book in particular was a favorite because it was about an older Sal than in Blueberries for Sal, dealing with the universal excitement of losing a first tooth. I love her relationship with her younger sister Jane, who is drawn as one of the most adorable toddlers around. If you are looking for a calm and wholesome in the best way book for your child, this might be one you want to consider." 

 The Page 56

"Well, look who's here!" said the Mr. Condon who kept store.
"I have a tooth out!" Sal shouted, returning Mr. Condon's greeting.
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