Everyone Has to Ask for Help Sometime

Granddaughter Sweeping: LadyD Books
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Granddaughter: LadyD Books

 My lovely granddaughter wanted to sweep our kitchen floor, bless her heart! I knew the big wooden corn husk broom would be to large for her to handle. The push broom in the garage was gigantic and there were no little 'pint-size' toddler brooms to be found. Then little Missy discovered this one in the closet and went to work immediately... sweeping! In her frustration, although she gave it her best shot, the broom was just too large for her to handle, so I came along side and we swept the kitchen floor together. You see, everyone has to ask for help sometime! 


Book Review: Back to Front And Upside Down!

By Claire Alexander

It's the principal Mr. Slipper's birthday, and while the rest of the class gets busy writing cards for the occasion, Stan becomes frustrated when his letters come out all in a muddle. Stan is afraid to ask for help, until a friend assures him that nobody's good at everything. And after lots and lots of practice, Stan's letters come out the right way round and the right way up.

This delightful book deals with a common childhood frustration and will remind readers that practice pays off and that everyone has to ask for help sometimes.

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My Thoughts

Another beautifully illustrated story by Claire. Her writing is touching and inspirational. There's plenty of action at the beginning because it's Mr. Slippers birthday (the principal) and the class busily writes cards for him. I adore Stan, the main character, who feels so insecure about his handwriting, especially when he compares his back to front and upside down letters to his classmates, Lucy and Tommy. Within his personal struggles of feeling like he's the only one who cannot write, he confesses his fears to a friend who encourages Stan to ask the teacher for help. Along the way, he discovers he's not alone. With courage and lots of practice, Stan accomplishes his goal and feels such personal joy, in writing a card 'all by himself.'

I love this story and believe it would be a great addition to your library for your children and grandchildren. If we are truly honest with ourselves, at one time in our youth, we have felt like Stan and in the present... well, we must all learn to ask for help sometime.  A great lesson for everyone. ***** stars!

Back to Front and Upside Down



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