Fly Fishing in Bishop

Forks Camp: LadyD Books
Forks Camp for Skywatch Friday

Husband and son returned from the snow-capped mountains in early June. Temperatures were pretty cold at night but the daytime was perfect for fishing conditions. Plenty of trout were caught.

Lake Sabrina: LadyD Books
Lake Sabrina

They pretty much had the campground to themselves because the school wasn't out yet. There's another favorite part where they like to stop, Greys Meadows.

mountain fishing: LadyD Books
Bishop, California

fly fishing in the sierras: LadyD Books
Fly Fishing
 Truly, a beautiful place!

Rabbit Hill

The Friday 56

"Georgie," he burst forth, "I'm a-goin' to do it, yes sir, I'm a-goin' to do it. You know, women folks is funny like and particular about some things and your maw is extra particular. I dunno how many dingblasted years it is since I've done it, but I'm a-goin' to do it now." -- Robert Lawson
Rabbit Hill

 I know you are all wondering what on earth is he going to do... Remember it's a children's book! lol

"Georgie, -- I'm goin' to take me a bath!" 

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