Blue and Yellow Surfboards

Colorful Surfers and Surfboards: LadyD Books

Near the Oceanside Pier in SoCal, you'll find blue and yellow surfboards to rent. The ocean waves are pretty small during the summer but nonetheless, it's a lot of fun to splash around and cool off with the warm days we've been having. Why even the water temperature in the Pacific Ocean is warming up but then again, it's not as warm as Maui! Aren't these kids cute? So nice for today's meme.

Surfers standing up: LadyD Books

Young people don't need to wear a wetsuit in July but now and then you'll see a surfer in a spring suit or wetsuit. I find the water just a bit chilly for me to swim in but just fine for wading in. Having fun, laughing, and enjoying the moments in our everyday lives is really the ultimate recharge.

surfers paddling out: LadyD Books

What a relaxing time to just lay out on your board and talk with your friends. There's plenty of room to catch a wave, not too overcrowded yet. The fun doesn't have to be going to an amusement park (although I just did that), a concert, or a road trip (though it certainly can be). It can be free and playful (the most fun things usually are).  Hope you're having a real nice summer.

surfers catch the wave: LadyD Books

Photos for Blue Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday

Do you remember a famous song back in the 60s called Surfer Girl by the beach Boys? I loved the music and it was just right for a slow dance.

For Book Sharing Monday

moki and the magic surfboard

Moki and The Magic Surfboard is a delightful tale of a gecko who wants to surf the biggest wave in the world.

The Story of Surfing

Golembe uses whimsical poetry to combine fiction, surfing history, Hawaiian culture, dreaming and time travel and it works in this, A Story of Surfing!

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5. Beach Boys - 20 Good Vibrations, The Greatest Hits (Volume 1)

Happy Blue Monday!

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