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Cloudy Day: LadyD books

 It is so refreshing to look out towards the eastern sky and gaze up at the clouds. Those sweet, puffy clouds fascinate me. Indeed, this lonely one caught my eye. For more sky photos be sure and visit Skywatch Friday.

full moon: ladyd books

Just a couple of nights ago the moon was  full and I experimented with taking a photo at dusk. Any tips from the pros?
I have lots to learn, so I'll keep practicing, just like with anything else.
LadyD Books: Full Moon

 The D200, the camera I am using, was very successful.  The company wanted to shut down the manufacturing line, but it stayed open over 2 years --- there was a huge demand.

gorilla at the San Diego Zoo

So, I promised you some photos of the Gorilla exhibit from the San Diego Safari Park. In the beginning, when we first met, this guy seemed a bit shy.
gorilla at the san diego safari park: LadyD Books

He lurked in the shadows mostly and came out to play with the tires. He seemed bored and I became sad for him. Not that I know what he's thinking... I'm just saying, it appeared to me that he was despondent.

Gorilla at the San Diego Safari Park: LadyD Books

All of a sudden, he came strutting out in front of me with such authority.
Safari Park Gorilla: LadyD Books

I stayed with him for awhile, keeping my focus through the camera lens, and wondering what he was going to do next. You may be interested in Types of Camera Lenses.
Gorilla photo: LadyD Books

Funny thing is that he seemed to mirror what I was thinking about him! 

Little Gorilla, why do you look so sad?...
Are you thinking about the glorious times that you had
In the branchy nest in the boughs where you sat at your ease,
While the painted parrots screamed in the tops of the trees,
And the crocodiles basked in the mud at the river’s brink
While the deer on their delicate hoofs tripped down to drink?
Do you think of the heat and the scents and the glare of the sun,
All that was Africa once in the days that are done?
Little Gorilla, is that why you look so sad?
Or have you played some prank on your hairy old dad
Which has had the effect of making him frightfully mad?
Or is it only something to eat that you have had
Of an indigestible kind that is making you bad?
Little Gorilla, tell me why you are looking so sad!
Little Gorilla by Cicely Fox Smith

gorilla sitting
I find it interesting that we can sit and reflect and ponder... and learn from one another. It was a good day at the park, hanging with the gorillas. Yes, there's more than one but this was the main gorilla that just felt like being with me for awhile. I think we were both pleased with the encounter.

grandson on the steps: LadyD Books

Now this young gorilla-boy, one of my sweet grandsons, continually hiked up and down these fort steps watching every gorilla move. (photo for kids-e-connection)
white tree blossoms: LadyD Books
Beautiful Magnolias at the park for Floral Friday Foto

I was surprised how many children's books for youth have been written. Are you familiar with Nikki Grimes story, When Gorilla Goes Walking? How about this one?

Everything Is Better With a Gorilla
Paperback Book

Book Description:

Being best buds with a great ape is basically the most awesome thing in the entire world. They're excellent wingmen. They're accomplished bargain hunters. And their impressive dexterity makes them the perfect ping-pong partners.
The perks are pretty much endless.
Whether you need a hand organizing an Olympic-caliber bobsled team or fancy a leisurely stroll, a Gorilla is the ideal companion for whatever it is you're game to do. And the guidance they give is the absolute tops. Gorillas know the dish on the hippest eateries around and provide financial advice that's unbelievably sound (as they hold true to a "don't spend what you don't have" policy).
Everything Is Better with a Gorilla because, well, it just is.
Everything is Better with a Gorilla (Everything Series)
Good Night Gorilla
For ages 1 and up
 Book Description

Good night, Gorilla.
Good night, Elephant.

It's bedtime at the zoo, and all the animals are going to sleep. Or are they? Who's that short, furry guy with the key in his hand and the mischievous grin?

Good night, Giraffe.
Good night, Hyena.
Sneak along behind the zookeeper's back, and see who gets the last laugh in this riotous good-night romp.

Good Night, Gorilla
I think I'll end this post with a cute one. It's a song by Raffi, The Gorilla Song. Here are the lyrics.

One, two,
A one two kazoo

If I were a gorilla,
La la la la la
I'd eat me a banana.
Na na na na na
I'd live in a treehouse
And swing on a vine,
But one thing is sure:
I would love ya,
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

And if I were a tuba,
Ba ba ba ba ba
All I'd do is oompah.
Pah pah pah pah pah
I would take a big breath,
And I would march in a band,
But one thing is sure:
I would love ya,
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

'Cause it don't matter to me-
Whatever you happen to be;
An eagle,
An onion,
A pig or a grape,
As long as you're you,
I will love ya.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

And if I were a space ship,
Ip ip ip ip ip
I would take a long trip.
Rip rip rip rip rip
I would circle the planets
And head for the stars,
And then I'd come home,
'Cause I love ya.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

And if I were a daisy,
Sy sy sy sy sy
Would you still be my baby?
By by by by by
I would pull all my petals out,
One at a time,
And always come up with
I love ya
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

'Cause it don't matter to me-
Whatever you happen to be;
A beagle,
A grunion,
A fig or an ape,
As long as you're you,
I'll still love ya.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

It's true, I do like you dear readers, and I thank you for stopping by today to view my Gorilla Talk.


~ LadyD

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis
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  5. When I taught school the kids loved the field trip to the zoo. Plus, it was always easy to get moms to go with us to supervise. - Margy

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