A Day At The Fair: Skywatch Friday

Japanese Balloons:LadyD Books

Paper Lanterns

I was fortunate to exit the fairgrounds via the Home and Garden section, and capture these lovely paper balloon lanterns land-marking the Japanese gardens. One of my favorite things to do is visit Garden Club Exhibits, stroll through the Botanical gardens and take in a museum or two. How about you?

For more wonderful photos from all over the world, you will enjoy visiting Skywatch Friday

The Hammer

ride at the fair
Absolutely insane! Photo Credit: gforce
Potted Plant Display

bromeliads at the home and garden show

 Tons of the Bromeliad plants were growing on a wall display for the layered look. I have tons of them and will be giving potted plants away to piano students and their families. They seem to grow well here in the shade in SoCal. I have no need for them now, since I have grandchildren and the leaves seem rather prickly. Although I have seen smoother outer surfaces and different colored blooms. They look lovely indoors, as well as around the pond.

Wood Working Exhibit

wood workers

wood shop

clock exhibit at wood working exhibit

wooden harp exhibit

carved bird

last supper

From clocks to harps, and then to wood-carved birds and a picture of the Last Supper, I thoroughly enjoyed the wood-working section at the fair. We have a lot of carpenters, cabinet makers and general contractors in the family. I've always admired this form of artwork. The quilting and food preserving is fun to see for all the ladies but I must say, the photography section is out of this world and naturally, no photos were taken of their work but deeply respected and admired. It's so inspiring to see someone's professional work, especially when you're a beginner to photography.

Animals and Food

bunnies at the animal exhibit

food at the fair

Last but not least, the grandchildren loved the animal section and adored petting each and every one of those bunnies! Thrilling for a child is to eat a hot dog at the fair and all the wonderful sights and smells to take in. I headed off to the Greek section for a bite to snack on and then promised the family some Kettle Corn and turned toe car towards home. The fair was located near a beach city, around a 40-minute drive from our ranch in the country. We had a wonderful time together; loads of fun!

The Friday 56 

paperback book about reflections of family

In My Corner, written by Susan O'Brien Fischer, is about reflections on family, gardening, raising children and facing life.  I'm liking this book so far. What are you reading?

"After the game we'll round up our brood and pull them reluctantly toward the car, attempting to ignore their pleas to have "so and so" spend the night, and their "promises" to go to bed at a decent hour if we acquiesce." In My Corner
daughter with nephew

My daughter playing with her very cool nephew. He only has eyes for her!
Have you noticed how babies love to be surrounded by color?!

Have a wonderful weekend,

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis
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