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About The Book

The Not So Wicked, Wicked Witch is a children's book about a witch that is "labeled" in name only. The story itself reveals an old philosophy "you cannot judge a book by it's cover, but read the contents and then decide". The Witch in this book has the "witch image", however, get to really know her and see who she is inside and out!

Author: Amy Purser Carter
Illustrator: Sarah E. Markham

My Review

A delightful twist from the usual scary stuff! No witches brew nor flying high in the sky because this witch has only good intentions. Besides, you'll find her wearing pink, instead of orange, and happily baking lots of sweet treats. The rhyming text is easy to read, with soft palette illustrations that are loads of fun. The author presented a strong, moral lesson; to see her kindness from the inside. 

I really do think a lot of children will like this story.


Recommend? Yes

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Author Interview

I had asked Amy Purser Carter if she would be available for an interview with yours truly and she said "yes"! Dear readers, you are in for a treat. (You know, trick-or-treat)

 Tell us a bit about your book and where it’s available.  It is about a witch that tries to live up to her witchy image but is kind, fun, mischievous, and loving, not to mention “not so wicked”! She is not your average, run of the mill witch and has a heart of gold.  The book is available online at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Abe Books and some local bookstores.

What was the inspiration for your book?  I have always loved Halloween – it is actually my very favorite fall holiday!  For me, the witches were so scary but I liked the thought of them.  When I was at Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) the witch was created.  Many years later (obviously) I found an illustrator (Sarah E. Markham) and she brought her to life!

What was your aim for this book? What did you want readers to think and feel when reading it?  I wanted it to be fun and happy, but not necessarily just a Halloween book.  Due to it being about a witch, it is usually promoted at Halloween.  I want young readers to enjoy a witch and not be scared.  When reading at different schools, that is the reaction/thoughts of the children.  They like the witch because she isn’t a bad witch and loves children.

Do you have any other books currently available?  Not at this time but many already complete and on the back burner !  I would love another book about The Not So Wicked, Wicked Witch!

What will you be working on next? Maybe a sequel to the witch book!

How did you originally get into writing? I have always enjoyed reading books, poetry, and short stories.  Writing poems, for as long as I can remember, was a favorite pastime.

What do you enjoy most about being a writer?  I really enjoy the challenge of creating the words/phrases that rhyme to make the story.  It is actually a lot of fun to me.

What do you find hardest about being a writer? The struggle that it is at times to piece a story together.  Also not having the ability to draw!  If  I could just do both then I could bring it all to life while creating the story.

Who or what would you count as your main influence? My mother – she loved to read, write poems and short stories.

What do you enjoy reading?
I enjoy different types of books – fiction, history, english literature.

Who is your favorite author?  I really do not have one!  There are so many great authors with wonderful books. 

 What would be your ideal writer’s haven for creating your book? Would you have a desk in a quiet cabin somewhere or an iPad on the beach?  A desk, laptop in a quiet cabin!  

Thank you, Amy Carter! Wishing you much continued success!

LadyD Books highly recommends this Halloween season,
The Not So Wicked, Wicked Witch!


 “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis
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