Golden Sky Light

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This golden sunrise promises to bring forth a heavenly day for us to enjoy. Isn't it amazing how the sky is forever changing? I am continually surprised each day when I wake up early and look out from my view. This picture was taken with the Nikon D200. For more amazing photos from around the world, visit Skywatch Friday.

Golden Sky Trailer (A tribute to a son who died) 1:24 to view from

Friday 56

"What a happy place heaven is! It's like a big birthday party. This is because everyone in heaven is happy and healthy." -- Kathryn Slattery

If I Could Ask God Anything: Awesome Bible Answers for Curious Kids

This is a great paperback book that my grandchildren will enjoy, especially those who have so many questions and need some answers to some pretty deep stuff!

asian pears

 These delicious, golden Asian pears have blessed our table for the month of August. They are crunchy, juicy and naturally sweet. Along with our dragon fruit, we have a delicious salad or snack. Do you have a favorite variety of pear?

Wikipedia says:

Pyrus pyrifolia is a pear tree species native to China, Japan, and Korea. The tree's edible fruit is known by many names, including: Asian pear, Chinese pear, Korean pear, Japanese pear, Taiwan pear, and sand pear. 

yellow eppie succulent flower: LadyD Books

Here is my golden yellow Epiphyllum, a Cacti from the jungles of Central and South America, as well as Mexico. Surprisingly, my plant blooms night and day, especially throughout the Spring and Summer months. Such amazing bursts of happiness that seem to last a few days. Are you familiar with this type of plant that provides magnificent blooms in a vast array of color?

Epiphyllum oxypetalum is a species of cactus and one of the most cultivated species in the genus. It is a variety of nightblooming Cereus and often confused with species of Selenicereus.
grandson and friends: LadyD Books

My grandson is learning to share with friends, oh boy! Remember the Golden Rule... Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and that applies to 2-year-olds on up to adults!



 “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis
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