View of Mission San Luis Rey: LadyD Books

top of san luis rey mission

Photos of Mission San Luis Rey while visiting last Saturday. These were taken with the Nikon D200. More wonderful sky views are posted at Skywatch Friday.

cemetary at san luis rey mission

Inside these doors into the cemetery, I found soothing water fountains, lots of park benches for quiet meditation and large wind chimes moving with the ocean breeze passing through.

3 crosses on buildings
parking lot of the mission

Although there was a bit of construction going on, that didn't seem to stop tourists from coming. Along this walk, I could see gift shops, museums, etc.

arches on the mission grounds: LadyD Books

What I discovered next on my walk along the grounds were delightful rose gardens and these old, remaining relics. Nearby were lots of rooms for their Retreat quarters.

old archway: LadyD Books

retreat center: LadyD Books

gardens in the mission: LadyD Books

san luis rey mission rose garden: LadyD Books

Southern California is popular for drought tolerant plants and palm trees. You'll find many majestic Bougainvilleas cascading over white walls here.

succulents surrounding the mission: LadyD Books

bougainvillas: LadyD Books

Bougainvilleas for Floral Friday Foto.

madonna and child: LadyD Books

 I think about all the mothers everywhere, praying for their children. I'm going to be a bit behind in my blogging schedule, as my granddaughter is coming for a visit... oh, joy! We'll be heading out to the pumpkin patch this week. Photo for Kids-e-connection

Pumpkin man: LadyD Books

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when i lay my isaac down
 The Friday 56
"When was the last time you felt desperate for divine direction? Did you receive it? If so, what surprised or comforted you? What has your experience of "hearing God's voice" been like through the years?" -- Carol Kent
 If you or someone you know is going through a personal challenge, this book might help you to change the way you think about some tough issues you may be facing.

When I Lay My Isaac Down Publisher: NavPress


“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis
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  1. This is really a wonderful place. Thanks for showing this place. Really lovely!

  2. Great question in your 56... something to really ask yourself.
    Love your photos too. That is some beautiful architecture.

  3. when i see churches, i remember home!

  4. These are beautiful pictures of the monastery :-) Beautiful views too :-) Love the Grandpa sitting on the chair :-) Dropping by from Color Connection :-)

  5. The Virgin Mary shrine is gorgeous! Lovely captures as always!

    Thank you so much for linking up to Color Connection last week, come and join us again this week. The linky is up now.


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